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Video Remote

Guaranteed qualified interpreter
Technical Support
Accessible on any computer, phone, or tablet

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the service provided when an American Sign Language interpreter is visible through a video connection.

All that is needed is a device with a webcam and an internet connection. Once you make a request for services, we will issue you a username and password and email you instructions on how to connect on the device you will be using.

It's simple, quick, and affordable!

What you need

1. Internet connection

All you need is a high speed internet connection to connect with one of our qualified interpreters or CART providers. A wired connection will give you faster speeds and better video quality, but great video quality is also attainable through wifi.

Test your internet speed here. A download speed of at least 4mbps or higher is sufficient for a good, clear connection.

2. A computer with a webcam

You can use either a desktop or a laptop computer with a webcam. Our platform works on any operating system; PC, Mac, or Linux. Our video system is entirely web-based that is extremely easy to use. When you login, our system will automatically recognize your webcam, if it is installed correctly. If you need to purchase a webcam, we recommend the Logitech C930e.

3. Or a mobile device

Our system allows you to login using any Android phone or tablet, and any iPhone or iPad with a front facing camera. A good 4G or wifi connection will provide the best picture quality.

We will assist you in downloading the appropriate app and help you login to our VRI system once you schedule services.


Guaranteed qualified interpreter
Available in all 50 states and Canada
Optional: Transcript of the appointment provided 24 hours later

What is On-Site Interpreting (OSI)?

On-Site interpreting is when an interpreter shows up at your location to interpret at the scheduled appointment time. There is a 2-hour minimum charge for the interpreting services. A 2-hour minimum is standard industry practice and all interpreting agencies charge this 2-hour minimum fee for on-site interpreting services.

In addition, if the job is longer than one hour, 2 interpreters are typically required (medical jobs are usually an exception.) Pricing varies by region. See below.

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