• CART Remote Captioning interpreting

    When speech is more than words.

    Our Remote CART Captioning service allows the words from a speaker to be seen on your screen in realtime. The transcript is also archived online instantaneously replacing the need for notetaking!

Interact with text in realtime (auto-scroll, manually scroll, select, search, etc.)
Unedited transcript instantly archived, accessible from any device
Transcript cleaned up within 24 hours
Interact with text in realtime (auto-scroll, manually scroll, select, search, etc.)
Unedited transcript instantly archived, accessible from any device
Transcript cleaned up within 24 hours
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What is remote CART?

CART captioning is the process of converting speech into text just as fast as it is being spoken. A trained captioner uses stenography or voicewriting to accomplish this. Remote CART removes the captioner from the room making the individual's hearing loss much less noticeable. The captioner may be located anywhere in the country. The viewer simply connects to the captioner over secure internet and begins streaming live audio to the captioner. The captioner in turn streams live captions back which the viewer sees on her/his device. Captions can also be projected to a larger audience. CART is intended to facilitate realtime access to oral and aural communication. It is not meant to produce a verbatim record of the proceedings. For that, choose our transcription service.

What you need

Captions can be viewed on any device connected to the internet. However, audio quality is by far the most important component of remote CART. For things like conference calls, online classes, and webinars, audio quality is usually already taken care of so the captioner simply joins the same way as everybody else. However, when the deaf/hard of hearing consumer is physically on-site and the captioner is remote, our HARMONY tablet offers the most reliable way of streaming audio to the captioner. Please click the EQUIPMENT tab above to learn more.

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Why a specific device?

The quality of remote CART captioning is only as good as the equipment being used. Without proper equipment, the accommodation falls short of equal access, something that experience has confirmed to us time and again. We’ve developed a tablet/mic solution specifically for remote CART captioning that overcomes the technical and logistical barriers that regularly arise when other equipment is used. The result is a super user experience. That’s why we call this tablet/mic combo "Harmony". No setup or technical knowledge is required; simply turn on and connect from anywhere with the tap of an icon—even when you don't have WiFi.

  • Lightweight & portable (8")
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Extra long battery life
  • 2 ultra-high sensitive omnidirectional mics
    • 1 mini Bluetooth presenter mic (up to 6 hours continuous operation)
    • 1 built-in integrated mic
  • User can control both mics from tablet (mute/unmute as needed)
  • Android powered by Google
  • Unlimited auto-captioning powered by Google
  • Connect to human captioner at scheduled times
  • WiFi + mobile data (wireless plan included!)
  • Interact with live captions
    • Auto scroll or manually scroll text
    • Select text/find on page
    • Enlarge/shrink text
  • Access transcript instantaneously
    • Automatically downloaded to tablet for offline access
    • Also immediately accessible from any other device -- no need to wait for an email
    • Fully searchable text (global/local)
  • Integrated chat with CART captioner
  • Integrated chat with Chat Support

For help visit https://www.oneinterpreting.com/tabletsupport. If you have further questions, email us at request@oneinterpreting.com